Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting a job at MAC Cosmetics?

Ok so, I filled out and application with MAC a few weeks back (hey, that rhymes, lol!) and I spoke to the mananger twice. The first time I spoke with her she said that they were busy doing inventory and she didn't have time to look over any applications. She also asked me for my name, wrote down my information, and asked me to call her that next week. The next week came and I spoke with her again. She said that they just got done doing inventory, and that she'll call me in for an interview when she gets to looking at applications. Both conversations, I was very polite and it seemed like she like me. Now, should I call again or just wait it out??Getting a job at MAC Cosmetics?
wait it out:) do u have a portfolio..becuz they look for that to work there...are u a certified makeup artist?? any schooling for makeup if u do then u will most likely get it..if not then..i wouldnt put all my faith into getting that job:)Getting a job at MAC Cosmetics?
call...if you are persistent then they will know that you are serious about the job...dont be annoying but just be polite and ask if she has gotten the time to look at it yet.

Sales Associate Job at Lush cosmetics?

So, long story short (well, somewhat), I went into Lush the other day buying Henna for my hair. While being rung up, the manager and I where talking about her job, and then it got into how I was looking for seasonal employment. She was extremely excited and asked me to come in for an interview, yesterday was my interview and all through out the interview she couldn't stop saying how much she liked me. She didn't offer me the job but made it pretty clear that I made a good impression. My question is, I just got a job at Wells Fargo and that requires me to work 30 hours a week (Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur and Fri/Sat). I always take Sundays off because that's my family day. I was wondering if it would be possible to only work at Lush two days out of the week, either Mon/Wed or Tue/Thur and do full hours those two days (6-8 hours) and have her still want to hire me. She already knows that I have another job, I'm really good in customer service, professionally I have a year and a half experience in customer service, retail, and cash handling. I don't need this job, but the extra money would be nice for the holidays, and I've always wanted to work in a store like that around Christmas time. What do you think?

Thank you!Sales Associate Job at Lush cosmetics?
I say GO FOR IT!!!

I love Lush =] they have amazing products!

Besides, you'll get a good discount too lolSales Associate Job at Lush cosmetics?
go for it if she's happy to have you for two days a week

Are ULTA's free gift cosmetics safe?

I recently received two of ULTA's ';Debutante'; gift sets for purchasing $17.50 worth of ULTA-brand cosmetics on two separate occasions (a pretty little clutch full of free cosmetics - lipsticks, nail polishes, lip gloss, an eyeshadow palette, blush, etc.). When I got home and looked at the free cosmetics I received, however, I couldn't help but notice that they were all made in China. I then compared them to the ULTA-brand cosmetics I had actually paid for, which were all made in the U.S.A.

I assume that ULTA is so generous with giving away the Chinese cosmetics, because they are a lot cheaper to produce than the American-made cosmetics available to consumers for purchase. My worry is, are these Chinese cosmetics safe?

I really question if my now not-so-wonderful free gift is really worth using. There have been a few articles out recently about lead in Chinese lipsticks and that sort of thing. Quite honestly, I feel a little cheated. I'd hate to throw the free cosmetics away, especially because I do feel like I bought more than I had really wanted or needed to buy, just to reach that magical $17.50. I wouldn't have done that had I realized that I was getting the cheap stuff, and not the nice ULTA cosmetics I thought I was getting.

In the future, I am going to skip the gift sets and just pick up what I need. In the meanwhile, does anyone have any insight on this? I looked for answers online and found nothing about ULTA cosmetics made in China.Are ULTA's free gift cosmetics safe?
I don't know that anything made is China is safe anymore.Sadly to say.Are ULTA's free gift cosmetics safe?
You need to stop second-guessing these types of things. Just because something is made in China does not mean it is poor quality or it is fake. People just assume it is.
I've used them and I was fine.

Where can I buy Sugar cosmetics?

Im interested in sugar cosmetics but they stopped selling it at sephora and I dont know where else to buy it. I cant buy online. Are there any Canadian or U.S. stores that still carry Sugar cosmetics (lip gloss, eyeshadow)

Alsoo, are there any eyeshaow colors that look good with dark blue-green eyes? I have very freaky deep green eyes and I usually just wear black eyeliner because brown eyeliner makes me look like Im high. Any other color eye mkeup that would look good?Where can I buy Sugar cosmetics?
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  • Where can i get neutrogena cosmetics in the UK?

    In most pharmacies, such as Boots.

    You can also buy it online through many UK internet sites:鈥?/a>Where can i get neutrogena cosmetics in the UK?
    I would check ebay!!Where can i get neutrogena cosmetics in the UK?

    I am looking for halal cosmetics?

    cosmetic manufacturer from IndiaI am looking for halal cosmetics?鈥?/a>鈥?/a>I am looking for halal cosmetics?
    dont eat them they taste yuk!!! lol lol lol鈥?/a>
    try ebay. or search up their website and order online.
    go to a halal cosmetologist

    Where can i find dermablend cosmetics products in singapore?

    seems like i can only get it shipped over.... nowhere in stores in singapore?!Where can i find dermablend cosmetics products in singapore?
    try onlineWhere can i find dermablend cosmetics products in singapore?
    Email me at for more info on the dermablend. I have the products available for sale. Report Abuse
    skin moles